About me

Hello everyone who visited my blog on purpose or just dropped in accidentally.

My name is Mikhail and this is the blog dedicated to Chinese medicine and how it can be used to improve our health. How I got interested in this topic? Actually Chinese medicine was my passion since I was a teenager, and after I got an opportunity to come to China to study I really took up the matter seriously. Here you will find the links to general classification of various types of techniques, areas, where it is practiced and used, various aspects, good tips etc.

Everyone knows that for example proper massage can be used by those who want to loose weight, however many are not aware that it can also help to get rid of a number of other illnesses and diseases if used properly. In my posts I tried to summarize everything that exists on this topic, including my personal experience as a Chinese medicine expert and user.

Welcome, read, and wish you all to have good health!