Please Read Our Guidelines

Welcome!! Please read the requirements and instructions carefully.

Please do not submit any negative based sites. We cannot accept sites that promote hatred, discrimination, warez, etc. We cannot accept sites containing porn or links to porn.

After registering your site, you will be given the HTML code for the banner exchange. You MUST place on your site. Sites that do not contain the banner exchange code will not be added to the exchange until they meet the requirements.

Please place the HTML code for the banner exchange in a visible spot on your site. Burying the banner on a back page deprives the other members of the exposure they deserve. If you do not feel that you can honor this request, please do not join the exchange. Sites will be checked often for banner placement and those who chose not to comply will be removed.

Your banner should be in GIF or JPG format, 468X60. No pornographic material please. Animated banners are ok if not too large.

Some free servers, such as Angelfire, Tripod, Go and others, won’t allow you to let your images be linked to other sites. Some free providers won’t even let you join a banner exchange unless its approved by them. If you are on a free server, ePagan Auctions will support your banner. You will need to send me an email and let me know you would like for us to host your banner. File restrictions apply.

NEW USERS PLEASE NOTE: For faster approval, please send me an email and let me know that you have signed up and the url where your banner exchange script is located. Thanks!

If you have any questions about any of these guidelines, please take a minute and drop me a line.